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Downshall's Pupil Parliament

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About the Pupil Parliament

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At Downshall Primary School, all of our pupils play an important part in helping the school achieve its goals. As staff, we value opinions and suggestions from pupils, encouraging them to take responsibility in the part they play at school. After careful consideration, we have set up a pupil parliament team to lead pupil voice. The pupil parliament consists of a group of 12 years five and six pupils who each have a role and department as an area of focus.

Our pupil prime minister for 2021-2022 is Hooriyah Sidick. The team met together for the first time on 19th October 2021 and organised roles and responsibilities which can be seen in the chart below.

The pupil parliament team will focus on three areas this year: environment, charity and community involvement and health and wellbeing. We feel by having three areas of focus, the pupils can work and make positive contribution and change.

The teams will meet regularly to discuss and implement change over time.

What are the aims of our pupil parliament?

To ensure pupil voice is implemented at Downshall Primary School.

To represent the voice of our pupils.

To allow pupils to be involved in decision making.

To allow pupils to make positive contribution to our school.

How were pupils selected?

Year five pupils were selected by their fellow classmates through speeches and voting. Year six pupils were asked to submit a written application form outlining why they should be made pupil prime minister. After careful consideration, six candidates were shortlisted. They were asked to prepare a hustings speech which they delivered to years four, five and six pupils. Following this, pupils in years four to six were asked to vote for their preferred prime minister. The candidates with most votes became pupil prime minister.

What makes our pupil parliament effective?

The team is a reasonable size (12 members).

Pupils have been assigned to a department. This will allow them to focus on a key area.

Regular meetings with our supporting adult to allow us to discuss and implement change.


Pupil parliament hierarchy

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