Weekly Bulletin

Week commencing Monday 28th November 2016 is the LAST week of afterschool clubs.

  • Monday  28th November 2016
    • 9.00am – Educational Visits Training (all parents invited to attend)
  • Tuesday 29th  November 2016
    • Class 1A Trip to Childhood Museum
    • 9.00am – Parent Workshop “Keeping Your Child Safe on the Internet”.  All parents invited to attend.
  • Wednesday 30th November 2016
    • Class 1O Trip to Childhood Museum
    • Year 5 Trip to Docklands Museum
  • Thursday 1st December 2016
    • Class 1AK Trip to Childhood Museum
    • Reading Assembly (Parents of children in the Choir are invited to attend)


Report an absence online

If you wish to report your child's absence online please click here.  You can report the absence using the form on this page.  Thank you


Thank you to those parents who report their child’s absences online.  As you will see this form is very user friendly and easy to use.  It has been brought to our attention that parents are not always sure that we have received their form as they do not receive an e-mailed receipt.  The new website does not issue receipts.  Once the form has been sent a message will appear at the top “YOUR FORM HAS BEEN SENT SUCCESSFULLY”.  Please rest assured that if you see this message, your form has been received.


  • Appointments During School Time - All appointments should be made either after school or during school holidays to avoid missing valuable learning time.   
  • Change of Collection - Parents are reminded to complete a ‘Change of Collection’ form should they wish another person to collect their child.  Copies are available from the foyer and on this website.
  • Communication to Parents - All communications are sent to parents via e-mail.  If you haven't already done so, please provide the office with your e-mail address.

Welcome to our school's website

Welcome to Downshall Primary School. I hope you will find that this website gives you some useful information about the school.

At Downshall School we work together to create a learning community that aims to maximise the potential of every pupil. We know that if we support each other and enrich the life of the pupils, parents and staff our chances of being successful in our aims are greatly enhanced.

We celebrate the many traditions, backgrounds and cultures of our school, cherish our differences but unite together to remove any barriers to our learning opportunities.
Our pupils’ success is achieved through a strong partnership of parents, school and their own motivation. All three of the partners have a clear and different role to play but working together is the best way to achieve our common aims.

We hope that both parents and children enjoy the years spent at Downshall and will have happy memories of the time spent here.

Mr Ian Bennett



We are a "Get Reading, Keep Reading, Change Everything" School

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We use the highly successful Read Write Inc. Phonics programme to teach our children to read, write and spell.  Our children do well in the phonics screening check and by Year 2, the majority are fluent readers with the best chance of success in the KS1 tests.

Ruth Miskin Training recognise us for teaching the programme with fidelity and passion - we know what it takes to make reading and writing pleasurable and rewarding for our children.

This badge recognises that we:

  • Raise standards in reading and writing for our children;
  • Are expertly trained by Ruth Miskin Training - including our Headteacher, Mr Bennett;
  • Gain the latest programme updates through regular visits from our Ruth Miskin trainer;
  • Support our most vulnerable readers with extra one-to-one teaching every day.

To visit the parent pages on the Ruth Miskin training website go to http://www.ruthmiskin.com/en/parents/

To sign up to the Ruth Miskin Training newsletter go to: http://www.ruthmiskin.com/en/newsletter-subscribe/

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter


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Downshall Primary School, Meads Lane, Seven Kings,  Ilford, Essex, IG3 8UG
Tel: 020 8590 2157
Email: admin.downshall@redbridge.gov.uk 

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